The Relationship Between Christine, Heed, Junior, And May

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The relationship between Christine, Heed, Junior, and May is throughout the whole novel, but the beginning starts with an omniscient character named “L” introducing them as adults to kids, and from past to present. Showing the different times of Cosey 's life after being dead to when he was still alive, and how his immediate family is living their life without him. Morrison 's non linear style is confusing and distracting, where reading and paying more attention happens over and over again. Morrison 's historical references is what defines her work and what gives readers a better understanding of her type of literature. The time frame, 1940 to 1990 provides background information of the time period in her novel where and why everything occurred. …show more content…
“We were friends. One day we built castles on the beach; next day he sat her on his lap. One day we were playing house under a quilt; next day she slept in his bed[...]One day this house was mine; next day she owned it”( Morrison 131-132) Morrison showing these non- communication situations only show the readers how important it is to communicated. If these woman would just embrace their unity they could recover from their past and build on something stronger, and get through anything. With the American culture they live in it is best to have an understanding of knowledge and communicate to help them succeed ans survive. Communication builds on something to become stronger and with that things can happen for the better. As Heed ages and everyone fighting over the Cosey property, she hires a young homeless girl named Junior who has had a rough life from being in institutes like corrections, and men capturing her. Heed hires Junior to write the Cosey family history and does this because she sees a common life experience in her and can relate to Junior. Junior being fairly educated, has brains, uses her common sense, life experience to get by in life which keeps her alive, and is her ticket to getting where she wants to be. These misguided motivations that all these women express falls on the deprived relationships of their mothers. These girls never got to form a maternal bond in their younger years. Also their desire for a male role model is limiting, judging their depth to have and explore a relationship amongst themselves. She meets Romen who has a true soul, who saves a girl during a racial gang rape scene, and has a relationship with Junior. Romen has a great relationship with his grandparents which is why he is this soulful individual. They show great communication

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