The Punishment And Sentencing For Crimes Essay

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The punishment and sentencing for crimes is a topic the solely varies case by case. Each case has its own severity to which a motion is carried out after someone is found guilty of any crime. Sentencing and punishments have been talked about in recent years. Sentences vary even when they are considered the same crime it just all depends on the different single aspects of it. Two people may have committed the same crime of stealing but in one case no one was held at gunpoint. That one little nuance can be a major game changer when the case is presented to the judge and the jury.
A sentence by definition of Introduction to Criminal Justice: Practice and Process, is “a penalty imposed on a convicted person, which may include a period of incarceration”. It could also include a fine, community service, or some other alternative. Every state has sentencing guidelines that vary from one to another. There are 13 different types of sentencing in the court system. The different types of sentencing are concurrent, consecutive, deferred, determinate, indeterminate, final, life, mandatory, maximum, minimum, presumptive, straight, and suspended.
A judge provides a concurrent sentencing when a defendant is guilty and convicted of more than one criminal offense. An example is, a man was convicted of 20 counts of forgery for forging and cashing 20 separate checks. Each count carries a maximum possible prison term of five years. If the judge runs the sentences concurrently, his…

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