The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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Register to read the introduction… Paul Helmke, former mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana, is the president of The Brady Center, and he strongly believes that gun control should occur unlike Sarah Palin’s view. Helmke and many other gun control advocates believe that the 2nd amendment does not give the citizens the right to carry guns. Helmke believes the 2nd amendment was written in a sense to give the military and federal government the right to carry guns and not the citizens. Helmke wrote in his article, The Second Amendment: The real issue, “…according to the U.S. Supreme Court, the Second Amendment has a militia purpose. Not a hunting purpose. Not a self-defense purpose. Not a target-shooting purpose. Not a "private purpose." Just a militia purpose”. This being said, the 2nd amendment has more meaning to it than what is written. There is a difference when a police officer or a soldier is holding a gun in the line of duty, compared to a citizen holding a gun. People need to realize the time and day the constitution was written, may have an effect on the meaning of the 2nd amendment. Helmke does not use any personal hobbies to advertise gun control, but The Brady Center does put the stories of victims and their families on their website to show the effect of guns on …show more content…
Many of the people who do not have a stand on gun control might side along with the concept of self defense without questioning it, because almost everybody fears for their own safety. People need to realize that having a gun at home can be touched by a child. As much as parents watch and raise their kids to know right and wrong, every kid still makes mistakes. If a child picked up a gun without knowing how to use it, he may accidently shoot himself, and the aftermath would be an unintentional death of a child. Whether it is an intentional, homicide, unintentional, or accidental death, there are many statistics on children’s deaths by a gun. In the article, Protect Children Not Guns 2010 they reported , “In 2007, 3,042 children lost their lives to gun violence and an additional 17,523 suffered non-fatal gun injuries and the emotional aftermath that followed” (1). But what is more depressing is the statistic in the same article that states, “More preschoolers (under age 5) died by gunfire (85) than law enforcement officers (57) killed in the line of duty” (2). These statistics could be decreased if there is gun control, because all these children died by guns. There will be less mothers and fathers crying over an incident they could have prevented by not bringing a gun into the household which was stacked away for the use of self

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