The Problem Of The United States Essay

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“Treat people right, and do the right thing,” is something I have been taught as a young child. Being clueless as a young child, I had no clue what was going on in America and the problems we had to deal with. I thought America was this perfect place, when in reality it’s not. People don’t treat each other with respect nor do they do what is morally right. The United States is trying to make our country a better place, but it is taking time for it to happen. America is facing many problems that have or could affect our country in a negative way and these include inequality, unqualified politicians, and terrorism.
A problem that America is facing is inequality. Some of which include racial, gender, and social. In America we all assume that everyone has “freedom” but in reality that it isn’t true. Right now the african americans are fighting for their rights because they feel that they don’t have the rights and freedom like us white people do. A contribution that african american have set up was Black Lives Matter and it “goes beyond extrajudicial killings of Black people by police and vigilantes”. The movement started when Trayvon Martin’s got murdered by George Zimmerman. Recently, many other shooting have occurred towards other native americans that have resulted in death. African american find it to be unfair that cops just assume since the person is native american that they are going to harm others. Furthermore, white people in a study taken place in 2013,…

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