The Problem Of The United States Essay

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Napoleon Township has a population of 6,776 people, however in reality it does not seem half that big. A main road leads to the only stop light in town, which is surrounded by a handful of business and by the only two gas stations. The elementary school, middle school, and high school are all in a 1 mile radius of each other.
Napoleon Township is built on 31.4 miles2 of land (Revize Login, 2013). There are 43 establishments, the major employers being 11 retailers, 7 accommodation and food servicers, 6 manufacturers and another 6 wholesale traders (U.S. Census Bureau, 2000). A majority of the population, 781 people, work for educational services, or health care, or social assistances and another 644 people work for manufacturing. Leisure time was most often spent in Jackson, a city located 30 miles away and 35 minute drive. Jackson has two main shopping malls, multiple parks, restaurants and movie theaters.
Within those 6,776 people that live in Napoleon Township the racial makeup is 97% white, .58% African Americans, 2.1% Hispanic or Latino (U.S. Census Bureau, 2000). Ethnically compared to Michigan, Napoleon is not very diverse. Michigan has a higher variety of races, a smaller majority of Michigan’s population is white and a higher majority is African American when compared to Napoleon Township. Michigan has a population of 9,883,640, of those 9,888640 people 79% are white, 14% are African American, 4.4% are Hispanic or Latino, 63% are American Indian and Alaskan…

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