The Problem Of The United States Essay

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The Problem America Associated With
The United States has been facing a ton of problems over the past decade, such as terrorism, corruption, education, racism, crime, etc., however, it seems to be that America is only adding more problems to the list. According to Juhasz’s post on CNN news, America invaded Iraq for oil in 2003. The invasion may have been successful, but it had caused long term dilemmas. This invasion could have been most likely avoided, and America could have found other ways of obtaining oil, while keeping a neutral relationship with other countries. The idea of mass destruction starts small and usually from the mind of one person with agreements and approval from others. Similarly, the idea of joining coalition with other countries to destroy ISIS also started small and is being agreed upon by many. Simply not complying with this decision will be the positive approach without causing any more problems to America, not to say that complying with the decision to join coalition is a bad idea, it is just not the best idea for several reasons.
One reason to why not joining coalition with other countries to destroy ISIS is the better idea is because of America’s financial problems. America has been in debt for a very long time. According to Bodnar (2016), America is at a debt of $19 trillion, “as a share of the economy, the $19 trillion national debt is the highest it has been since just after World War II and twice the historical average, and it’s expected to…

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