Essay about The Problem Of Juvenile Delinquency

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School failures have been identified as being one of the biggest contributing factors to Juvenile delinquency but research shows that it is difficult to determine the exact cause of juvenile delinquency. Failure in school, sharing common causes, school division, and psychological problems seem to be the top factors associating school failure to juvenile delinquency. According to Bartollas and Schmalleger (2014), most major theories of delinquency see the school as a key factor contributing to delinquent behavior. Blocked opportunity theory, strain theory, cultural deviance theory, social theory, social control theory, labeling theory, radical criminology, general theory of crime and interactionalist theories all make contribution to understanding delinquency in schools (p. 223). The school system has received several mandates by courts to increase the rights of students but these mandates restrict the ability of the administrator to be firm when it time for them to effectively discipline the students. The court system has identified freedom of expression, due process, dress codes, searches, and safety as issues that needed immediate mandates to eliminate unhealthy school environments. Public education today has received some criticism for the inability to educate and socialize young people, unsafe school conditions, and increase in violence and serious problems. Delinquency related to school failure is hard to assess because so many government, state, and local…

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