The Problem Of Homelessness In The United States

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Over 564,000 homeless people exist in the United States and one third of them happen to be children (Facts). Homelessness remains a problem in the United States for everyday the number of homeless people increases. Whether they don’t have a job to afford a house or they were kicked to the curb by a spouse, homelessness stays a vast problem in the United States. I believe homelessness exists when an individual has no home and lives on the street. Although numerous homeless people exist, I believe we, as a country, can prevent homelessness throughout the United States. However, weather we provide homeless shelters or soup kitchens, there is something we can fix to prevent this terrible way people live.
What the United States can ensure to assist those who remain homeless is provide them with homeless shelters. Half of the women and children who happen to be homeless fled from domestic abuse (5 mind-blowing). There is no reason we can’t support those who have no choice of being homeless. They didn’t elect to be homeless;
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When you are ahead in life, make sure you consider the less fortunate and donate to your local homeless shelter or food pantry. Don’t ignore them when they are on the side of the road, you don’t understand what they have been through and how they obtained this low point in their life. Just because you are ahead in life doesn’t mean you should ignore those around you and act like they don’t exist. Make sure you provide something to aid them, for one day that could be you on the side of the road wondering where your next meal is going to be from, or when it is going to be. Your life could change in the blink of an eye and suddenly you find yourself asking strangers for money. You would want them to offer to you, but if you don’t lend a hand when you are ahead in life, you won’t be lent a hand when you are that person asking for food or

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