The Political Economic Context Of Global Neoliberalism And The Anthropology Of Development

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Hamda Khan
Paper 1 Current Political-Economic Context of Global Neoliberalism & The Anthropology of Development

In the last few decades the political geography of the globe has been completely transformed as some of the vast areas that were once known as “colonies” turned into “less developed countries” (Cooper, Packard, 126). The initiation of development work brought about several challenges that were in the realm of expertise of social scientists, thus they started to work with governmental, international and private institutions to promote economic growth and beneficial social change in developing countries. Among the various challenges faced by the world, including economic and sociopolitical growth, neoliberalism was the primary strategy that was adopted by many countries but has broadly failed to stimulate worldwide growth. For instance, during the 1990s, Russian per capita income declined to 3.5 percent due to which a large proportion of the population fell into poverty, and as a result, the male life expectancy rate declined to…

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