The Philosophy Of The Higher Being Essay

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A Confounded Philosophy of the Higher Being

The idea of humans being fabricated only from a small amount of clay and some divine inspiration can be quite perplexing to many. Time and time again, science has sought to explain and contradict such beliefs by revealing the very biological and ecological nature for our existence has come to be. The evolution of man over the many millions of years from what was once a very small prokaryotic being seems to be the most sound, methodical, theory that seeks to explain our origins. Yet, undeniably the majority of the human population still believes and meticulously adopts the story of Creationism as well as the many other beliefs about the metaphysical world and the higher divine powers that have apparently governed us for many millennia. There are many ways to interpret such beliefs, which contribute to the many different religions that are practiced worldwide today, however they all seem to focus on the similar ideal of a higher otherworldly power. And whether or not someone believes in this all-powerful being is largely affected by their inner moral character. According to a modern philosophical Theist, Linda Zagzebski, “Since it is rational to be moral, it is rational to believe in a providential God”, therefore signifying that a divine, providential God allows us to achieve a higher moral standard. To truly determine whether we should adopt her belief, we must first assess her skepticisms of the idea of moral despair, as well as…

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