Essay on The Passage Of The Middle Passage

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The Middle Passage was one of the toughest experiences during the transportation of slaves. The conditions were absolutely terrible and the way they were treated was even worse.The Middle Passage was the forced journey of slaves across the Atlantic to the New World. It was also a part of the Triangular Trade where people traded goods such as guns, knives, ammo, cloth, tools, etc. The slaves were stored under the deck and chained to low-lying platforms. The average individual space was 6 feet long by 16 inches wide and 3 feet high. Unable to turn over or stand erect many slaves died in this position. Exercise was often “dancing” which was entertainment for the crew. The women were given more freedom, but were often prey for sexual advances by the crew.(The Middle Passage, 2015)
The slaves were transported from Africa to North America, South America, and the Caribbean. The normal length of the journey was about 6 weeks. The ships were usually manned with a crew of about 30. The crews were often treated harshly and usually were criminals or fugitives of justice. (Boddy-Evans, 2015)
Slaver captains anchored off the Guinea Coast (also called the Slave Coast) for a month to a year to trade for their cargoes of 150 to 600 people, most of them had been kidnapped and forced to march to the coast under terrible conditions. While at anchor and after they left from Africa, those aboard ship were exposed to almost continuous dangers, including raids at port by hostile…

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