Essay on The Parable Of The Sower

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Parable of the Sower

When talking about a dystopia you think of a place in distress somewhere where the future is no longer a place to work for but a place people fear because they have no clue if they will safely make it there. In the book, Parable of the Sower Lauren is a young girl growing up in a chaotic America. This dystopian America has fallen into chaos and now the people are trying to survive the madness any way possible. Some people have resorted to drugs and stealing to deal with their situation. The group that Lauren is with is trying to form a stable community that can work together to put things back in order. There is still a government but it has little to no power over people outside of the towns run by companies. The only people who live nicely are the people with money and there are not many people with money. Lauren lives in a walled off community in Los Angeles that one day gets overrun and destroyed by thieves and arsonists. This is when she chooses to head out to start her own community guided by her religion called Earthseed. Laurens beliefs make her want to create a utopia inside the giant dystopia that has formed around her. The world around Lauren has fallen apart and the rich and powerful have gone into hiding, while the rest of the people are struggling to keep a somewhat normal lifestyle in the dystopian America. There are bodies laying in the street and children running around naked. Essential goods have become scarce and too expensive for…

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