Essay about The Oneness Of The Human Species

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When considering the human race, finding something to unite us all could be a welcome gift. If the goal is unity, French anthropologist Louis Dumont says this:
The oneness of the human species, however, does not demand the arbitrary reduction of diversity to unity- it only demands that it should be possible to pass from one particularity to another, and that no effort should be spared in order to elaborate a common language in which each particularity can be adequately described. The first step to that end consists in recognizing differences.
In essence, Dumont is urging us to recognize the differences across humans and groups, being intentional and thorough in our understanding of these differences to be able to accept them as they are; in this acceptance of differences, we find sameness. Dumont is just one stance on the question of how the human species can achieve unity while keeping our differences in mind. Richard Shweder, especially when focusing on his piece, “Shouting at the Hebrews”, though also using his lectures in Cultural Psychology at the University of Chicago as a reference, would likely be another advocate for this method of achieving unity. Shweder’s agreement would likely be framed as liberal pluralism, where illiberal practices- which may differ from one’s own liberal view of life- are allowed to exist within a liberal culture due to the cultural significance behind the practice. On the other hand, Susan Okin might take another stance on…

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