The Obligations to Endure Essay

826 Words Oct 1st, 2014 3 Pages
Professor Norford
ENC 1101
3 March 2014
Word Count: 828
The Obligation to Endure Carson writes this essay informing us about pesticides and chemicals farmers use on their crops that can danger our echo system. The pollution man is creating “is for the most part irrecoverable; the chain of evil it initiates not only in the world that must support life but in living tissues is for the most part irreversible.” (Carson 2) There are many different ways that pollution can harm the environment, from the nuclear explosions discharging toxic chemicals into the air, to the pesticides sprayed on plants that kills vegetation and sickens cattle. I think Carson writes an effective argument because she gives us lots of facts and examples of how
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Carson gives a very organized and effective argument. However, I do not think Carson states her facts in a way everyone can understand her argument, I think she writes her argument in a manner made for people in the scientific field. Carson goes into detail with mostly all of her scientific facts and explanations and in my opinion, loses her readers. Carson’s argument, in my

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