The Natural Aging Process Affects One 's Driving Skills Essay

1046 Words Nov 18th, 2015 null Page
As people age, naturally their bodies do as well. Over the years, the many skills and abilities that are critical to have while driving, including good vision, good hearing, and quick reaction time, tend to deteriorate. Because many older people continue to drive despite having lost their motor skills, other drivers and their passengers are put at risk of being involved in an accident. The natural aging process affects one’s driving skills, making older drivers a danger to the safety of themselves and others; therefore, more uniform state laws and provisions are needed to monitor the driving abilities of this section of the population. It is not fair for dangerous, elderly drivers to continue driving and put innocent, capable drivers and their passengers at risk of injury or death. Good vision is an incredibly important asset for every driver to have. Without decent vision, drivers are likely to miss road signs, traffic and brake lights, and turn signals. If drivers are unable to see these important signs and signals, it is possible that they could accidentally drive into oncoming traffic, run through stop signs and stoplights, or cause other dangerous acts. According to Robertson and Vanlaar, “Elderly drivers are more likely than other drivers to be involved in collisions because of a traffic violation, such as failure to yield right-of-way or disregarding the traffic signal”. It is reasonable to assume that these violation-related accidents are connected to the…

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