The Narrative Of The Play ' Nora ' Essay

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The narrative of the play goes on to portray how Nora is seen as a subordinate by her husband who goes on to call her by the names of animals. This is indicative of the very nature of the ideology of patriarchy to dehumanize the women folks of the society so as to see them as something that is inferior to the males of the world. In the beginning, Nora does not take offense to any such attributes- something that shows that her mind has been conditioned by the societal influence so as to accept the notion of being inferior to men and providing the opposite gender the license to belittle her identity by calling her by the names of animals in the course of the play. Apart from this, one comes to realize that even her children see her as a companion for play rather than being a guardian. Even in the eyes of the children she has lesser importance in comparison to Torvald who comes across to be the guardian and the figure that demands respect from all. Thus, it is quite clear how the society and its ways go on to institutionalize the inferiority of the women folks of the society. However, Nora shows traits of the strength of her character and identity in the course of the narrative of the play. The audience comes to realize the fact that the blackmail by Krogstad and the impending trauma fail to change the nature of the female character in context. Rather, the situation goes on to open her eyes so as to make her realize the underappreciated and unfulfilled potential…

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