Essay The Most Important Human Needs

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Billy’s ordinary world was cluttered with fear which stemmed from an unhealthy childhood. Abraham Maslow, one of the founding fathers of humanistic psychology in the1940’s, created the Hierarchy of Needs. “The lower the needs in the hierarchy, the more fundamental they are...” (Tay, Diener, changingminds). Maslow created a pyramid to model the five most important human needs, “essential for evolutionary survival” (Tay, Diener). Billy’s mother and Nurse Ratched were oppressive and unbalanced Billy’s hierarchical needs by destroying any chances Billy had at intimacy. Billy’s mother forced him to fear human connection and find social interaction abnormal. Billy lived in toxic environments all his life which started with, his mother and continued while living under Nurse Ratched’s control. Nurse Ratched often turned patients on each other for temporary rewards. “They spy on each other. Sometimes one man says something about himself that he didn’t aim to let slip, and one of his buddies… sidles over to the big log book… and writes down the piece of information he heard… he gets a star by his name on the roll and gets to sleep late the next day.” (Kesey 15). Ratched poisoned patients against each other and manipulated them in order to maintain control over her ward. Billy had believed love was unnatural and had low self-confidence due to his lack of key hierarchical needs. Billy’s potential was stifled by the oppressive world he was forced to lived in. Maslow stated that his needs…

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