The Mongols Of The Mongol Empire Essay

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The Mongols of the Mongol Empire – the largest empire in history – have been characterized as hellish brutes with eyes only for pillaging and raping by contemporary depictions. The Mongol Empire dominated over 33 million square kilometers throughout Eurasia that stretched from the Pacific Ocean in the west to the Black and Baltic Seas in the East, and the plains of Siberia in the North to the Himalayas in the South. The Mongol way of life and societal expansion hinged on the constant need to conquer new lands and raid them for their resources. Despite their negative image and military tactics, first hand accounts of the empire and dealings with the Khans from the thirteenth century emissaries Juviani, William of Rubruck, and Marco Polo have shown that the Mongols were just as human – both compassionate and ferocious – as the empires of Europe. The Persian official Ala-ad-Din Ata-Malik Juvaini served as a minister to the Mongol leader Hulegu and as Governor of Baghdad under Mongke Khan in the mid to late thirteenth century. Juvaini traveled to the Mongol capitol Karakorum in 1252 to celebrate the election of Mongke to the khanate, during which he began to chronicle the exploits of the Mongol forefather, Genghis Khan. It was said that when conquering, Genghis would offer a city annexation and subordination to his empire, and if refused, “he annihilated together [the ruler’s] his family and followers, kinsman, and strangers (Juvaini, pg. 283).” Yet, Juvaini recounts of many…

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