Essay on The Meaning Of Human Existence

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The Meaning of Human Existence is a 2014 nonfiction book written by American biologist Edward O. Wilson. Wilson’s main thesis for The Meaning of Human Existence is pretty much what the title implies. In the book, he examines mankind’s place within the universe as well as the importance of science and the humanities in the progress of our species. One of the topics Wilson covers in The Meaning of Human Existence is the newer idea of multilevel selection. Multilevel selection recognizes two levels of natural selection: individual selection and group selection. Individual selection is based on competition and cooperation among members of the same group, whereas group selection arises from competition and cooperation between groups. Multilevel selection has started to gain favor among evolutionary biologists since multilevel selection has been fitted to all of the known cases of eusocial evolution. Wilson, one of the authors of this theory, and his colleagues claim that multilevel selection explains the conflict of the human conscience between individual selection that cause conflict within groups and group selection that bind them together. Basically, individual selection can be considered sin, and group selection considered virtue. Individual and group selection show the internal conflict of the human conscience. Individual selfishness within a group provides competition, but this can be bad for the group. It can lead to the destruction of the whole group. When an…

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