The Maslow 's Need Hierarchy Essay

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APSY 460 Motivation
Maslow’s Need Hierarchy
Andrew P. Base
Azusa Pacific University College
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In today’s world we have depended on new technology, modern engineering, advanced agriculture and scientific breakthroughs in medicine. As we progress and suffice our desires and motivation to succeed, we as humans possess a set of motivation systems unrelated to rewards or unconscious desires. One theory that was introduced 73 years ago was Maslowe’s Hierarchy of Needs.
A humanist named Abraham Harold Maslow was born Brooklyn, New York on April 1, 1908. Maslow originally introduced his theory in 1943 and he stated that people are motivated to achieve certain needs. He also believed that once that need is fulfilled that person seeks to achieve the next one. Maslow’s theory depicts a pyramid-like concept that is consisted of five stages. The five stages are physiological, safety, social, esteem and self-actualization.
Maslow suggested the five-stage model of the original hierarchy of needs:
- Physiological needs are air, food, drink, shelter, warmth, sex and sleep.
- Safety needs are protection from the elements, law and order, stability security and freedom from fear.

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