The Life Of Harriet Jacobs 's ' The Great Gatsby ' Essay

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As a woman Harriet Jacobs/Linda lived through harsh conditions which no one

should ever have to bare. Jacobs was born into slavery but didn’t have any account of

it till she was 6 years old. Harriet also had a brother named John Jacobs/William who

was 2 years younger then her. Harriet would go on in life to endure verbal and physical

abuse from her slave master and his wife, Mr and Mrs Flint. Her early years in life were

not so bad under her first masters, but as time passed and she gets sold the Flints her

life begins to make some drastic changes that would soon alter her entire life into what

would shape her and her children lives forever.

Harriet loved her family dearly you can visualize this in the great lengths she

goes to be close to them while in hiding. She describes her grandmother in being

a strong woman which she admired greatly, and her children are everything to her.

Along the way in her life she encountered many people that she had made friends

with who would help her along the way and make sure Linda would be kept safe from

slave traders and hunters looking to make some quick money . Peter was one

of Linda’s closest friends who helped her to escape to the Northern states. Peter

found the vessel with really good people and an extremely generous Captain that would

initially take Linda to the North. Being that this was during the slave days people who…

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