The Life Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Jacobs Essay

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This profoundly moving, first-hand account of Slavery during the 19th century, gives the reader invaluable and in-depth insight into the horrifying treatment of African-Americans slaves and completely unveils the true ugliness of the horrid institution that will permanently mark the country’s beginnings. Written by Harriet Jacobs under the pseudonym Linda Brent, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl depicts how it was to grow up somebody else’s property as a female slave, as well as, her grueling fight to liberate herself and her children.
The average life of a slave could depend significantly upon whose possession they were in. Certain slave owners, though few, were considerably more compassionate and humane in their treatment of their slaves such as her dead mother’s mistress, who owned Harriet until she was twelve. This mistress taught Jacobs to read and write which was an extremely rare skill for a slave to posses as it was against the law to teach them (Foner 321). Jacobs was an exceptionally smart woman and a diligent worker, and her mastery of the skill would be crucial later for her to so clearly write her own story. Unfortunately, the mistress still betrays Jacobs upon death by not granting her freedom and leaving her to the Flint family instead. More commonly, the life of a slave was a horrid and bleak existence living under constant fear, in which one typically got either worked or beaten to death. Slaves, all ages and genders alike, did difficult labor from…

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