The, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness Essay

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“Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”

In 1776, the colonist of America fought and gained their freedom from the monarchical British Parliament. As a result, the leaders of the revolution created The Declaration of Independence which would protect the rights of the people and increase quality of life. This was originated by the founding fathers such as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin which of who were heavily influenced by western philosophy. The 10 amendments were created to protect the people of their individual rights as they strongly believed that all men are created equal, which are still important political values over 200 years later. Early western philosophy writings influenced these leaders on how to orchestrate a new governed community that would lead to the structure of the strongest, most influential nation in the world. Education, the type of government, and individual rights would all be considerations in developing this new American republic.
Education was a key ingredient in how the new America would prosper. America wanted to have their own patriotism identity when involving education to their youth. Benjamin Rush, a writer from Pennsylvania and founding father who signed the Declaration of Independence says it best in "Thoughts upon the Mode of Education Proper in a Republic," the foundation of useful education in a republic is to be religion. Without, there can be no virtue, and with this can be no liberty which is the object within…

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