The Legal Laws Of Child Marriage Essay

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The legal marriage age in America, with parental consent, is eighteen years old. This provides a chance for young adults to be prepared both physically and mentally for marriage. However in Niger, the legal marriage age is fifteen years old. Children, specifically girls, are forced to undergo these uncivilized marriages. Child marriages classify as a civil rights violation, but they are still practiced everyday. The practice of child marriage in Niger is fueled by two factors: poverty and cultural tradition. Poverty promotes child marriage in Niger by several reasons. First and foremost when a child is born in Niger, boys are more preferable. A son, when grown up, is able to become educated, if affordable. As a result the son can work and provide a source of income for his family. On the other hand girls are seen as a burden or not as useful. Poverty promotes child marriage in Niger because “76% of its people are living on less than US $2 a day” (“Child Marriage: Sub...”). This study implies that families have no other choice but to marry off their daughters as a result of a low income. Parents feel as if marrying their daughter…

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