The Legal Issue Of Privacy Essay example

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Question 1 -Legal Issue
In this discussion, the legal issue is in regards to privacy rights. Currently, policies allow researchers to input information in a database that all organizations and/or researchers can gain access. Therefore, the privacy of the original donors becomes jeopardized because his/ her permission to release his/her information goes beyond the scope of the permission granted by the donors. By having a database that other researchers have entree to violate the donors’ right of privacy. Dues to modern technological advances, research has now crossed over any privacy that may protect any donor’s right of privacy. This discussion calls up the question on whether policies regarding privacy should change as technology advances.
Question 2 -Law
The primary law that guarantees one’s individual rights of privacy against the mishandling of records is the Privacy Act of 1974. According to the U.S. Department of State, the law protects those whose records go into a “system of records” (“The Privacy Act”). If an organization can gain access to the records of a particular subject by the use of personal information, then said law protects the rights of subjects. Even though the law was not enacted until after the discovery of the misconduct with Henrietta’s cells, the Lacks family fought years to gain control over Henrietta’s cells. Therefore, when fighting for their control, the Privacy Act is a key argument they can now use. It questions whether or not the NIH (The…

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