The Issue Of Hate Crimes Essay

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Hate crimes form one of the greatest threats to the prosperity of society. It thrives off bigotry, aimed at individuals or groups because of their identities.These identities can be: race, religion, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation and disability. As illustrated by statistical figures, many sources assess the major increase in these crimes. As hate crimes are condemned as amoral and unethical, the controversy relates to the definition, legislation, and prosecution surrounding constitutionality and motives of the offenders. Evident hate crimes, current shifts in proposed legislation, and a technological channel for hate speech has sparked caution over the nation, opening the political floor for reformation. The articles essentially respond to the exigency of appropriate prosecution for a hate crime felon, through dual federalism and the parameters of the first amendment of the constitution.The rhetorical audience are public officials, movement party leaders, federal representatives, and those individuals whom have been a victim of hate crimes or nearly effected. The articles establish its profound history, mentions complexities within the government legislation, and evaluates common prosecution practice. Typically, authors who respond to such exigencies make evaluative claims on the efficiency of implemented methods and proposals to transform inadequate procedures.
In Brian Levine’s article, “From slavery to hate crime laws: The emergence of race…

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