The Intervention Of Electroconvulsive Therapy Used Along With Depression

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The researcher reviewed literature that examined the effectiveness of the intervention of Electroconvulsive Therapy used along with Depression. Electroconclusive Therapy which is also known as Shock Therapy is not widely used today as it was back then. The Literature that is chosen reflects the positives and negatives of the therapeutically treatment with severe depression. ECT has been ruled out slowly by the invention of anti-depressant drugs. As the researcher I have thoroughly investigated why ECT is unpopular today.
Torres (2015) Stated that physical activity is associated with fewer depressive symptoms in African-Americans, according, to secondary analysis that was performed on National Survey of American Life. The sample was made up of African- American men and women. Depressive symptoms were measured by self-reporting frequency .The Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression scale. Women who reported walking regular were reported to have lesser depressive symptoms. Walking regular is not relative to depressive symptoms in men. Yoga is a mediation that has been proven to be effect in patients who also suffer from PTSD. The older age participants use anti-depressants, ECT, CBT psychodynamic. The link between physical activities and health is well- documented. Specific exercises have proven to be effective in clinically depressed people. Research has been conducted to suggest the psychological benefits of exercising.

In Researching ECT the researcher found out…

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