Essay about The Influential Man By Nelson Mandela

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The influential man In the excerpts pulled from the autobiography “Long walk to Freedom” by Nelson Mandela, he gives an account of the events that took place in the time during which he is incarcerated to his release. It is in this time that he perseveres through many obstacles that would have him gain his freedom in a way where he would not get the change he was initially arrested for. This is also a time where Mandela gains an immense amount of power making him a very influential man. The way he gains his power and influence is done in a manner such that during his time in prison he would advocate for the rights of black South Africans, never selling out to the aparthied for his freedom, acknowledge the necessity for the ANC’s use of weapons, and believing when everyone is free; that is when freedom is achieved. Advocating for the rights of black South Africans while still in prison made Mandela influential because it shows that he is very loyal to his people by not giving up the fight. He, however, knows that he could not do much but would still try with reform from inside the prison. The will to not give up the fight would show up in many areas through his actions that he took part in. But in one area in particular he acknowledges the fight by stating “I was now on the sidelines, but I also knew that I would not give up the fight…The racism and repression were the same; I would simply have to fight on different terms” (Mandela, 341). In stating this quote, it says a…

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