The Inequality Throughout Shakespeare 's Hamlet Essay

1935 Words Dec 20th, 2016 8 Pages
Men and women since the beginning of time have been restricted and treated differently. The inequality stretches from Shakespeare’s times, which can be seen in the gender roles in Hamlet, to modern day. Specifically citing in Hamlet reveals, that every woman is there for the men’s enjoyment, they can be sexual, but only just enough to not be considered wenches. The Queen, Gertrude indubitably oversteps this boundary. In addition, men need to be strong, both physically and emotionally. The protagonist, Hamlet shows weakness in the eyes of other males, by slumping into a depression after his father’s death, thus deviating from the normalcy of male gender roles, and this is further displayed in Ophelia. It can be argued, that men and women in Hamlet are shown conforming and deviating from the norm associated with their gender. To understand the way women are viewed, it must first be explored the way men are taught to think, and act. In the time that Shakespeare lived, white males had the most privilege. In addition, royalty especially. The privilege that royal males were given was inherited, and passed down from father to son. Historically, it is the father who teaches the son everything they need to know. That is where this way of life and thinking came from. This is an exact depiction of the protagonist, Hamlet. In royalty, there are certain expectations kings, and queens should, and must act. The king of Denmark, Hamlet’s father, has just died. This is monumental when…

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