The Independence Of Papua New Guinea Essay

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Algeria was a country that was once controlled by France for the majority of its history, but eventually gained independence in 1962. Algeria has overcome political turmoil and conflict that resulted in Abdelaziz Bouteflika becoming the president in 1999, and the government today is still under his leadership, while relying heavily on the usage of hydrocarbons. Algeria’s main language is Arabic, and the people there are predominantly Muslim.Flag of Algeria.svg

Papua New Guinea was a country that has been occupied by numerous countries in its history, including Germany, the United Kingdom, and Australia, and would gain complete independence in 1973. With its unique history, Papua New Guinea became one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, having a variety of different languages and religions. With its distinct culture, Papua New Guinea certainly has a promising economic future.

Flag of Papua New Guinea.svg

Political & Physical Geography

Algeria: Political Algeria: PhysicalImage result for political map of algeriaImage result for physical map of algeria (Political) (Physical)

Papua New Guinea: Political Papua New Guinea: PhysicalImage result for political map of papua new…

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