Essay about The Importance Of Slave Narratives

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The Importance of Slave Narratives Personal accounts of slavery provided a case for abolition and showed the brutality of slavery in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Today these accounts provide us with not only documentation of the tragedies that happened, but an inspiring example of perseverance. Mary Prince was a West Indian slave sold into slavery early in life. Her first two slave masters treated her with kindness and simply bought her to keep their children company, but the third time she was sold was when she experienced the true agony of enslavement ( Mary gave accounts of being brutally beaten by her owners. "To strip me naked--to hang me up by my wrists and lay my flesh open with the cow-skin, was an ordinary punishment for even the slightest offense" (Mary Prince, page 7). She gave an account of being tied up and whipped brutally by her mistress for accidentally breaking an already cracked vase and then being lashed one hundred times by the hand of her slave master the next day for the same offense (Mary Prince, page 8). Upon reading a personal account of slavery in the nineteenth century, who would not want slavery to be abolished? In 1828, Mary and her owners traveled to England, where Mary would eventually run away and gain her freedom. "She became the first woman to present an anti-slavery petition to parliament and the first black woman to write and publish an auto biography" ( Accounts like Mary 's…

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