The Importance Of Patience In Relationships

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Someone who has patience, good things will come within time. People that receive the greatest reward, shouldn 't relax and be lazy meaning to do nothing. After this a person needs to pursue his or her dreams with passion and hard work while patiently continuing the process. relax and do nothing while is expecting great things to come their way. After this someone happened, someone can turn down instinct gratification and patiently wait while having a higher value of the reward once received. People who do not have value the small rewards they receive. To be successful many aspects of a person 's life takes hard work and patience. Also choosing delayed gratification for a bigger reward rather than taking the instant gratification for the …show more content…
In a relationship, couples go through many changes, they will have the chance to be in more than one serious relationships before they make their big decision. Being in a relationship is different than someone who is single. To really know what the other person wants or needs from a relationship takes communication . People pick from whatever options they have, no matter how poorly matched they might be with them and want to work out their differences.. When choosing of a life partner it is personal, complicated, different for everyone, and almost impossible to understand from the outside. All relationships go through trials and tribulations pertaining to their relationship, having disagreements and arguments are worth the wait for these things to be resolved it is with patience that these things get better. Communication is hard for a lot of relationships so try to set up ground rules like not to interrupt each other or put each other down. Money arguments can be prevented with honesty and truthfulness. Other solutions consist of getting couples counseling or seeing a sex therapist. A relationship takes hard work and willingness all these things can be accomplished with patience and time. Communication, money, sex, the other priorities, and household chores are things that the couples could do to find a solution to resolve their differences. Everyone has needs, and everyone likes their needs to be met, and that 's when problems arise also. When choosing a life partner, he/she is choosing a lot of things, including a parenting partner and someone who will deeply influence their children, a eating companion, someone to travel with on vacations, giving ones primary time and having a retiring friend, and wanting to hear about their day is a great

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