The Importance Of Language Acquisition Development

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In order to conduct our study, we would gather 100 participants. Of these participants there would be a total number of 50 males (50%) and 50 females (50%). We would recruit infants and their parents/ guardians from a sample population such as, social media outlets, baby forums, daycare facilities, and pediatric offices. The age of the participants would be 6 months old.
Materials and Procedure
Our study would be a longitudinal study being that we would observe the participants from the ages of 6 months until the age of 4 years old. In this particular study, we would manipulate our independent variables by creating a group where we would teach infants American Sign Language versus a group of infants that isn’t taught American
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Participants learning American Sign Language or not and gender differences would be considered our independent variables. Our dependent variable and our treatments would be whether the participant learning American Sign Language along with English would help or hinder the Language Acquisition process. The dependent variable would be measured based on a scale. We would finalize our analysis by running a Post Hoc test, specifically the Tukey test, to analyze the minimum differences between the means of the groups.
The criteria for our test would include measuring the expected milestones of language acquisition development for appropriate age of the child. We would be measuring how well the participants acquire knowledge, verbal reasoning, comprehension, attentiveness to verbal stimuli as well as their expressive receptive language abilities. These areas will be measured through tests such as the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence (WPPSI), Verbal reasoning comprehension test, Cognitive ability test- verbal, spatial and logical mathematical ability, and the Howard gardens multiple intelligence

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