The Importance Of Land Use Planning

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At this respect ; Land use planning which includes objectives, polices, and proposals for the type and intensity of land use (A. O. Waananen);and as Berkea & Gavin Smith (2009) argued: ‘’Land use planning provides an important means to achieve mitigation by influencing human settlement patterns as its analytical tools and policy recommendations are inherently geospatial in nature affecting the location, type and density of development’’. (Berkea and Smith 2009; p2) However, in case of ambiguous risk ,as illustrated in figure 8, it must be conducted through a consensus-building process involved citizens, potential investors, and local government (Burby et al. 2000);Thereby, formulating and preparing plans through a participatory process within …show more content…
2000);Actually, this conflict come to existence first by Burby & French (1981) in their early research - Coping With Floods: The Land Use Management Paradox- as they suggest that: ‘Communities often do not become concerned with flood plain land use management and do not begin to adopt vigorous management programs until after they have created a problem by allowing flood plain invasion’ (Burby & French 1981:p 294); However form another perspective; comprehensive land use plan could serve as a tool for averting disaster losses and encouraging sustainability that insure social, economic and environmental interconnectedness; as well as to provide localities with the opportunity to coordinate their goals and policies within a future orientation toward prompting more safer communities at hazard prone areas (Mileti and Gailus ;2005); Mileti state that ‘‘No single approach to bringing sustainable hazard mitigation into existence shows more promise at this time than increased use of sound and equitable land-use management’’ (Mileti

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