The Importance Of Human Rights And Its Positive Effects On The Speed Of Democratization

805 Words Nov 11th, 2016 4 Pages
By emphasizing human rights, outside forces catalyze a country towards democratization. The protection of human rights is the basis for the creation of a democracy. Without enforcing these rights, a country will not begin to democratize. Democracy is defined as a type of government that is run by the people, for the people. Through the writing of Sikkink and Pion-Berlin, I am going to explain the importance of human rights and their positive effects on the speed of democratization.
I believe that a state’s rate of democratization is influenced by many outside factors. Sikkink identifies these as transnational and international actors. The difference being that transnational is an interaction across state borders but not by states. Whereas, international is relations between states across borders. Within transnational organizations falls issue networks who have four main actors that are trying to work for something that they all morally believe in; states, international NGOs, domestic NGOs, and international organizations. The United Nations gives these a starting point that they share and discuss to get stuff done. There is a change made when states change their behaviors in response to these actor’s movements. These changes are all based off sovereignty and occurs in a three-step process. Sovereignty means that a country has the power to run itself. By starting with this, a strong state can evolve into a democratic government because it can use the goals of the people as a…

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