The Importance Of Grief In The Gaven By Edgar Allen Poe

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In Edgar Allen Poe 's novel, Mesmeric Revelation, he once said, "Never to suffer would never to have been blessed." After gaining knowledge of Poe 's abominable past, it is incoherent(1) as to why Poe saw himself to have been blessed; His past was not blithe(2), but full of grief and agony. One could conclude that perhaps his past is what enabled him to become such a proficient(3) writer by including prior experiences. In Poe 's story, The Raven, it is clear that he incorporates his past full of grief into his stories, even while using people who do not make a strong appearance in the plot.
A common theme in Poe 's works is grief. Grief is the reaction to death or a loss of someone or something one cherished. Grief typically develops when
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Although we never see Lenore and only hear about her death, it is evident that she plays a huge part in the story. In the beginning of the story, on page 312, the narrator, who can be seen as Edgar himself, is sitting in his room at midnight—restless. He pondered, weak and weary, of his lost Lenore. While thinking about Lenore, there is a tap on his chamber door. When he is able to bring himself to open the door, there is no one there. Desperate in hoping it is Lenore, which is impractical, he questions, "Lenore?", and only hears his own echo back(Poe 313-314). Here it is evident that the narrator is in disbelief of his wife 's death which is affecting his intellectual …show more content…
While he sits and talk to the bird, the only response that he get out of the bird is "Nevermore" and he starts to believe that the raven was sent to him to tell him he will never recover from suffering(Poe 314-317). Here again it can be seen that Lenore 's death had affected the narrators mind. As he finishes talking with the bird, before it flies away, the tone of the narrator is seen as infuriated and is adamant(8) that the raven had been sent from the devil(Poe 315-317). A stable person does not get distraught with a bird like

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