The Importance Of Fear In 1984

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When authors emphasize an object or event, they do it on purpose because the object or event will play a role later in the story. Orwell demonstrates Winston’s fear of rats in the middle of the story to foreshadow the impact of the creature during the torture of Winston. Julia sees a rat when she and Winston are in their secret room. She goes on to tell Winston that women do not dare leave a baby alone, because the huge, brown rats will hurt the baby. Horrified, Winston tells her to stop and reveals his fear. During the third phase of the “healing”, O’Brien tells Winston the same fact that Julia told him, attempting to scare Winston. His attempts works, because Room 101 is filled with what Winston fears most- brown, large rats. The readers already know this because of the previous encounter in the attic. Unable to surmount his fear, Winston finally betrays Julia. As a source of fear, the rats are also a source of emotional change as Winston stopped loving Julia and started loving Big Brother.

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Desperate to survive, humanity built walls, separating titans from humans; these walls are labeled as Wall Maria(outermost), Wall Rose(second outermost), and Wall Sina(innermost). The spirit to fight the titans and to take back lost lands ignites the most in the people living within Wall Sina; those who live within Wall Sina are the most wealthy and powerful since they live in the innermost, safest part of livable land. Those in the innermost wall are dedicated to join the corps, which are military sections who venture outside the walls to kill titans. Whereas the people living in Wall Maria are reluctant to fight for humanity’s cause, since they can see the damage the titans do those who venture

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