The Importance Of Being A Mother And Wife Essay

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Throughout history, a woman’s role was to remain in the “kitchen,” or just in the house; a woman’s most significant profession was not a career, especially a career in politics, but the role of being a mother and wife. During the 1800s equity law, based on fairness, allowed women to own property separate from their spouse. Moving along, 1900s there were a plethora of laws that were put in place for example; equal pay act which required equal wages for men and women doing equal work, the Civil Rights Act (prohibition of discrimination against women) and the Presidential Executive Order which prohibited bias against women in hiring by federal government contracts and last but not least women’s suffrage. But it was not until World War II where women roles in the workforce increased and their significance began to gain some importance to society. As men were being drafted to war, those industrial jobs needed to be filled as well as nursing jobs and who best to fulfill those jobs than a woman? All these advances have led to people overcoming biases in politics. Know, people in the world are able to see a female as a leader in the free world. Throughout this essay it will be shown how individuals are overcoming their biases towards women leaders in politics.
In the 2016 presidential election, and Hilary Clinton is in the forefront of the presidential election, yes we might have had potentials like Geraldine Ferraro and Sarah Palin, but this go round is different because the…

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