The Impact Of World War II On The World Essay example

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It is amazing to be able to open yourself up to different perspectives, and I feel very privileged to be able study the history that the world shares but looks at very differently. Being from absolutely the different hemisphere of the world, I came here with my knowledge of different events of the past with certain outlook that my professors in my high school implanted in me, especially when it concerned the World Wars. India was a British colony and hence, our history includes the study Indian participation in various incidents under them.
World War II was not a major participation for India but it was impactful event as we were fighting for our freedom from the Britain during this time, and this occasion became a backing to guaranteed freedom. Hence, in the history classes of my high school, we focused on British conditions during the World War II and the sharing of knowledge of the participation of the United States remained limited to the alliance with Britain and how it’s entry changed the course of the War.

Even though we did not excavate the United States’ involvement in the World War II extensively, the image of the United States was glorious and haloed. It was strong, and never once the decisions of the nation-state were questioned or doubted. The nation state’s ingress to the War saved Britain from terrible possibility of losing. Victory of allies always felt necessary for our history somehow. I did not know much about how the people of the United States saw…

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