The Impact Of Socioeconomic Statuses On The National Nation And World For Decades

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Title of Paper
There have been studies on the impacts of socioeconomic statuses (SES) across the nation and world for decades. There has yet to be concrete evidence in the studies conducted to pinpoint key factors such as crime rates, criminal recidivism and, intelligence or cognitive differences. It has yet to be researched in this country as to whether or not a family’s’ SES influences their intelligence quotient (IQ) and to what degree (higher or lower) that influence has on their IQ. There is also is a need for research to find if there is a correlation between the person’s intelligence level in different SES environments and if that person is more easily influenced into behavior that is deemed criminal based on a higher or lower IQ; in their respective environment. This paper will explore the impact SES influences have on one’s IQ and what likelihood they are to commit crimes based on their IQ in those environments. There have been many studies on different aspects of this particular study however, there have not studies as to whether there is a direct correlation between these three subjects has yet to looked at further by researchers in the United States.
The effects that SES plays on an individual’s development has shown to have a great impact on an individual’s physical and psychological abilities. Previous studies have shown, the lower a person’s SES environment, the higher probability there will be to have a lower IQ or cognitive behavior. Lower SES, put…

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