Essay on The Impact Of Society On Individual 's Health

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The study of the influence of society in individual’s health is not recent. To demonstrate the sociology utility, Durkheim (1897) examined the suicide rates in population and suggested that the strong social control among Catholics resulted in low rates of suicide. Nowadays, the data collected by Durkheim will not reflect the same reality. However, the mental health is likely to be related not only to genetics factor, but also to the social reality that the individual is inserted.
The Foucault’s idea of biopower reveals the means of power in a biological sense. What he called “the political problem of genetics” (Foucault, 2010) reflects the social and economical consequences of the use of genetic information. In the social context of what Foucault coined as biopower, the genetic information develops mechanisms to control, exclude and distinguish individuals. A recent upshot in a 45 years old case illustrates this issue. Forty-five years ago, US researchers illegally collected Yanomamis blood in Brazil to conduct several studies. The indigenous population has a strong belief in rituals and the body - and blood - when they die they believe must be cremated and returned to nature. Besides the controversial way to conduct a study, this raises the question of culture domination. Friedrich Nietzsche note in the First Treatise - “‘Good and Evil’, ‘Good and Bad’” - of his book On the Genealogy of Morals: A Polemical Tract:

“Now, first of all, it’s obvious to me that from this…

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