Essay on The Impact Of Economic Development On Democracy

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The Influence of Economic Development on Democracy in France and Russia Both France and Russia are republics with a semi-presidential system, but they both differ substantially in that France is a functioning democracy whereas Russia is a competitive authoritarian state. Despite the similar intentions of their governmental systems, both countries differ in terms of their economic development, which has in turn contributed to the striking dichotomy between the politics of both countries. While France has maintained steady growth in its gross domestic product (GDP), Russia has seen damaging declines in GDP growth. France, a wealthy nation with a healthy and stable economy, was able to maintain democracy; however, negative economic trends in Russia, which are largely contributed to the post-communist shock, have stagnated relative economic development, ultimately resulting in the rejection of democracy in favor of a state which guaranteed more stability through forced order. The collapse of the Soviet Union brought a lot of abrupt change to Russia, but the most notable of these changes was the transition from a centrally planned economy to a globally integrated market economy. To remedy the catastrophic effects of the collapse of the Soviet Union, then President Boris Yeltsin implemented a set of reforms known as “shock therapy” which intended to reorganize Russia’s political and economic systems to facilitate a rapid transition from a communism to capitalism while…

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