Essay on The Horrible Scene Of Innocent Women

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Part D:
The terrifying scene of innocent women getting beaten up in jail was the results of women who tried to gain their rights. About 30 women were convicted of obstructing sidewalk traffic and some got kicked and slammed against the wall. The guards left no mercy to women whatsoever as they dragged them along like dogs. In jail, they were bleeding and every single movement was being watched. It was unbearable and bloody to watch. In this period of time, the superiors and the authorities will do anything they could to get what benefits them most. As an example of how they were treated, Lucy Burns was one of them who got her hands chained to the cell bars and hanged throughout the night, breathing and gasping for air. Without a doubt, the terror and the pain really stood out the most and has the greatest impact in the movie. Therefore, this scene made it impossible to forget because women have gone through countless torture to gain women’s suffrage. It was also intended to show the cruel side of reality, even during war time.
Scene 2:
Alice Paul and Lucy Burns have joined the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA), where they could raise money to put on a parade on the day President Wilson began in Washington D.C. The parade was filled with women and a bunch of furious men that strongly oppose the idea of giving women the right to vote. Due to the lack of police protection, the men who insulted and underestimated the women had broken up the parade. Since…

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