The Greeks ' Argument And Actions From The Standpoint Of Pacifism And Just War Theory

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Assess the Athenians’ argument and actions from the standpoint of pacifism and just war theory. Which position do you find most compelling, and why?

Just War theory portrays a practical look at the morality of war in comparison to pacifism, allowing the opportunity to form international procedures and protocol in an attempt to control conflict. During The Peloponnesian War the Athenians offered a valid and in-depth argument on their views of justice in war, over time this has developed into many different perspectives on the place of war in international politics, most noticeably pacifism and just war theory. Pacifism follows the standpoint that all forms of war-making, under every circumstance, is both illegitimate and unjust. While a Just War theorist believes that while war is inevitable does not mean that it cannot be subjected to a specific framework that works to enforce justice. This essay will work to compare both concepts to the Athenians stance towards their own actions during the Peloponnesian War, evaluating whether the situation was moral and just, and why in my opinion Just War theory allows for a better argument.

The Peloponnesian War was waged between Athens and Sparta from 431 BC to 404 BC. The conflict began due to rising tensions over Athens’ increased power throughout the area. Eventually due to failed ventures to Sicily, unstable leadership, and plague The Athenian Empire fell to Sparta. During the war Athens approached the neutral island of Melos…

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