The Great Stock Market Crash Essay

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Job Loss and Unemployment
Just last year, over 2.5 million people lost their jobs due to layoffs, quits and workers getting fired. The unemployment rate is now at a steady 4.9 percent; citizens of the United States lose their jobs every day. Layoffs at work can cause it, or it can simply be that one 's boss has fired them. Job loss and unemployment can affect one 's everyday life. Not only does losing a job affect one, but it also affects one’s family. On the contrary, they do have grants for people who are unemployed. However, there is a good chance one will not be eligible for financial aid. Alternatively, the amount of money would not be a sufficient amount for day to day living.
“The Great Stock Market Crash” was the largest economic depression in history. During this time in 1933, companies were forced to lay off workers because of the economy. This lead to over 13 million American citizens being unemployed. The United States has not seen an economic downturn like that since 1933, but that does not change the fact that Americans are still getting laid off in today 's society. Unemployment is common in today’s generation, and as more citizens lose their jobs, the economy continues to get worse.
The steps to losing a job and becoming unemployed are a chain of unfortunate events. Being laid off leads to one not having a job, not having a job leads to unemployment, and unemployment leads to no money. Without any money, one may have no way to pay for their house bills. If…

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