The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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The Great Gatsby is told by Nick Carraway, who was Jay Gatsby’s neighbor in West Egg. Across in East Egg were Tom and Daisy Buchanan who had one daughter and lived in a nice home, which looks like what the “American Dream” is like but it’s really not. Gatsby had enormous parties at his house every weekend. The parties were to get Daisy’s attention but no one knew that. Gatsby and Daisy loved each other but Gatsby had to leave her to go to war, years past by and eventually Daisy met Tom and got married. They have an unhappy relationship because Tom is cheating on Daisy and Daisy still loves and thinks about Gatsby. This all ties in with Scott Fitzgerald’s life who is the author of The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald and Gatsby had a lot of in common they dreamed of success. The other similarity is their love lives. Gatsby and Fitzgerald had to spend much time to try to try to impress the ones they love but unlike Gatsby, Fitzgerald succeeded in earning Zelda’s heart and marrying her. Because of the similarities of Fitzgerald and Gatsby’s lives it’s obvious that Fitzgerald tied in his life with Gatsby’s. The theme in The Great Gatsby is the “American Dream is elusive.” There are a lot of important literary devices that Fitzgerald uses in The Great Gatsby. To develop the theme one of literary device is characterization, the main characters are Jay Gatsby, Nick Carraway and Tom and Daisy Buchanan. The main settings in the novel are East Egg, West Egg and the Valley of Ashes. West…

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