The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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The English literature period of Modernism occurred around the end of World War One and lasted throughout the Second World War ending at roughly 1965. The period challenged old views and traditions; it instituted a new way of thinking among the people and emphasized the value of the individual and experimentation. There are many influential modernist writers including F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author of The Great Gatsby. Although his book is classified as Modernism, some see components within it which go against qualities of Modernism. To society in the 1900’s Modernism was a whole new way to see things. Modernists thought that the old ways of life and thinking would no longer work due to the wars, poverty, racism, and the rise of new ideas and technology. They also believed that the moral values of our society caused people to be isolated from one another and suffer through all of the unfair and overly complicated situations in life alone. ( Many of the modernist works written in that time contained similar qualities. These include the stream of consciousness, city life, characters on a quest, loose chronological order, and a corrupt american dream. With writing using the stream of consciousness, the writer puts the story in 1st person and lets the character’s thoughts flow freely like an interior monologue. Using the loose chronology is a way that the feeling of being in the narrator 's head is intensified since in reality the order of…

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