Essay about The Great Gatsby And Motifs

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Gatsby and Motifs (1) The Great Gatsby is a novel written by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. The novel takes place during the summer of 1922 in the fictional town of West Egg and East Egg in Long Island, New York. James “Jimmy” Gatz, most commonly known as Jay Gatsby was a charming young man full of mysteries and had accomplished his way to becoming a nouveau riche. Such as the greenlight, Fitzgerald utilizes various symbols throughout the novel to illustrate different ideas and significance. Gatsby was born into a poor family, when he was older he fell in love with a wealthy young lady, Daisy Fray, who had left him due to his ineligibility to acquire millions. Since then, he was determined to leave his poor living. He obtains his millions through bootlegging and returns desiring to conquer Daisy once more. Gatsby was new to his wealth and the pink suit he wore showcased he did not belong in his social status. In Chapter VII, Tom Buchanan, Daisy’s now husband, says to Jordan Baker, Daisy’s friend, “‘...I 'd been making a small investigation of his past.’ ‘And you found he was an Oxford man,’ said Jordan. ‘An Oxford man!’ He was incredulous. ‘Like hell he is! He wears a pink suit.’” (pg. 122) Tom accuses Gatsby of lying about attending Oxford and that he flaunts his wealth and states that it is “new” money. As a result of Gatsby wearing the pink suit, making him stand out, it appears that he does not dress appropriately for those who inherit family fortunes through…

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