The Great Depression And World War II Essay

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Historians agree that a generation “gap” was created in the 1950s between parents and teenagers, but not everyone agrees as to what caused American families to dismantle from its traditional cores and values. Some historians theorize that the introduction of Rock ‘n’ Roll is what caused the youth of that generation to separate from its’ parents and other adults. As J. Ronald Oakley proves in his essay, “God’s Country: America in the Fifties”, teenagers were not changing their values and morals, but instead were simply adapting to the growing changes occurring in America around them at that time. Within his essay he attributes some of the changes in America’s youth to factors such as the end of The Great Depression and World War II which led to an improved economy, the introduction of Dr. Spock’s child care manual that promoted a more lenient style of parenting, introduction of cars and televisions becoming common in most households, just to name a few. Oakley argues that when taking these other factors into consideration, it should be unrealistic to blame the dismantling of American traditional family customs and values exclusively on the introduction of Rock ‘n’ Roll to America.

Once the war was over and men returned home to their wives, a large population of babies was born, later referred to as The Baby Boomers. Oakley places partial blame on the generation gap because of “the demographic revolution of the postwar years that was increasing the influence of the young…

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