The Golden Age Of The Elizabethan Era Essay

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The " Golden Age" of the Elizabethan era has prolifically added impressive early modern English literature , but more significantly has displayed the authors ' powerful traditions of writing and their sensible contributions to create powerful political, social and religious discourses during that time. In fact, the monarchies have been highly attentive to the power of words and its tremendous effects on the ideology of the audience. Hence, they have created a system of censorship that can always grant protection for their voices and enforce their authority and political positions. In the light of the rise of print, censorship has emerged as an imperative need that responds to what surrounds and it has also become a wider institution governed by monarchies and aims to sustainably provide control over counterpoints or the other ideological and political positions. This paper aims to delineate censorship in the light of the dangerous political issues that are raised in Richard II. Richard II handles politically sensitive material and Shakespeare tacitly appraises the monarch. Censoring practice on the deposition scene of the play is owed to its implicit presentation of an ideological conflict that opposes the institute.
Censorship during Elizabeth first reign in particular has generally involved some peculiarities most notably the issues related to Catholicism, politics, the marriage of the queen, and the question of heir and succession. Many authors, such as…

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